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Andy Candy Makeup, Inc., Port Orange, FL 32128

2019 Candy Fantasy Makeup contest by 

Andy Candy Makeup. 

Do YOU want to enter ? Or do you know someone who LOVES makeup?


Then share or tag with your friends/family & any makeup enthusiasts the news about this super fun contest. (See our post on Instagram.) If you think you have what it takes to be the next Candy Fantasy Makeup contest Winner, simply enter your fierce makeup look and follow the rules listed below.


This contest will be Instagram-based only. All entries and votes must be entered through Instagram only. Other forms of social media or entry will not be accepted.




The 1st place winner will receive:

     The title of the Andy Candy Makeup 2019 Candy Makeup Fantasy Winner

     A Cash Prize of 

     An Andy Candy Makeup Collection worth over $

     PR packages when new Andy Candy Makeup products are released (for one year).

The 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive:

     Awards in the Andy Candy Makeup 2018 Candy Makeup Fantasy Contest

     An Andy Candy Makeup Collection worth over $


Category is: Alien invasion! Hide your sweets!


A group of beautiful and delicious aliens have just landed on planet Earth. During the invasion, the US Government is busy protecting our natural resources: oil, precious metals, and Donald Trump's spray tanner! But the aliens aren't here for that. They only came for one thing--candy! Sweet delicious candy, and their sweet tooth can only be satisfied with responsible, sustainable farming. So stay calm and have a gummy bear. We need you to infiltrate the colony, steal their recipes, and bring them back to the lab. We need you! 

The theme for this year's contest must be FANTASY makeup. Fantasy makeup is creative, fun, detailed, bold, and allows the artist to be someone they are not, as if they come from a "fantasy" or make believe world. Makeup looks should be "candy inspired" or "candy themed" and look like they are from out of this world, another planet, or out of space! 

You must be "Following" the Andy Candy Makeup Instagram account. @andycandymakeup

You MUST submit ONE photo AND ONE video of your Candy Fantasy look.


The photo and video must be submitted together on the same Instagram post. (If you do not know how to do this on Instagram, look up a tutorial.) Entries with separate videos and photos will not be considered for voting for obvious reasons.

The video can be any format (gif, boomerang, tutorial, modeling, dramatic, etc.) and can be any length.

Each contestant is permitted only one entry. Multiple entries will be disqualified. Contestants may change their entry, as long as there is only one eligible entry and all others have been removed from voting. 

The submitted video and photo MUST be in its original color and cannot use filters.

Your photo and video must be taken against a clean solid background (no prints) we recommend a white or black backdrop. Avoid using a busy background it can be distracting and it might not compliment your work of art causing your entry to be automatically disqualified ( no patterns or a mix of colors). Backdrop may be any color as long as it is a solid color. Glittery or sequin backdrops are permitted as long as it is one color.


Contestants may use any makeup brands for their looks. However, no brands or sponsors, other than Andy Candy Makeup, MUST NOT be mentioned or displayed in the photo/video or mentioned in the comments of the contestant's post. DO NOT list the products used in your looks in the "CAPTION" or description or comments section, except for ANDY CANDY MAKEUP products.

Online Entry into the Candy Fantasy Makeup Contest with the appropriate Instagram hashtags will be used as your written and expressed consent to use your submitted photo for any public relations, website, social media posts, advertising, and publications without additional compensation. 


For your look to be entered into the contest you MUST:

Tag Andy Candy Makeup Instagram account and use the following hashtags.

(if you do not tag & use the designated hashtags and or are not Following ACM IG account your photo or video will not be qualified as an entry in the contest.

 #AndyCandyFantasy 2018 #AndyCandyMakeup #ACM 

Remember to put the hashtags in the caption area of the post (not the comments).

Contest is open to anyone 18 years or older. We will be accepting international entries this year. (Cash prize is in USD.)

Contest will begin: September 15, 2018 at 12:00AM EST

Deadline for entries: October 24, 2018 at 12:00AM EST.

The Top 3 contestants will be chosen and announced on October 25, 2018.

Voting for the Top 3 will take place between October 25-31, 2018

Top 3 you are automatically all winners-Congrats!!!! (but are you 3rd place, 2nd place, or our 1st and overall Winner?)

The winners will be revealed on November 2, 2018

Have your Friends support your art and help you win by Voting for you, Simple! 


Have your followers, friends and family go to the Andy Candy Makeup IG account on the post where the top 3 will be announced and vote by commenting the name of the person they are voting for.

Simple as that.


The Winner of the Candy Fantasy Makeup Contest will be announced on

November 2, 2018 after a post update where the Top 3 are announced. The Winners will also be contacted trough direct message with final details .



1. Create your amazing, delicious Alien Fantasy Candy-Inspired Makeup look.

2. Submit your best photo and video of your look to your Instagram on the same post.

3. Tag @andycandymakeup on your post

4. Use the following hashtags:




    in the caption area of your post.

5. You must "FOLLOW" Andy Candy Makeup (@andycandymakup) on Instagram.

6. See Complete list of rules for more details.


Best of luck everyone and remember to have FUN.

Andy Candy Makeup.